• Keep track of production activities within your facilities. Even if you cannot be on site.
  • Monitor each batch separately per cultivation data page
  • Multiple users: Give access to several users to simplify communication in your nursery


  • Gain a clear overview of your weekly cultivation data in the logbook feature
  • Analyse and compare your cultivation data in the comparison tool
  • Location specific weather data is included and automatically imported every week

Sensor data

Base your decisions on sensor-based company-specific data of your crops. Possibility to buy sensors via Log & Solve that measure the following data points:

  • Substrate moisture (VWC)
  • Substrate temperature (°C)
  • Light intensity (Lux)

Easy and Quick

  • Log & Solve is user-friendly and easy to handle in the field
  • Higher data acquisition rates due to QR codes
  • Simple input form to add notes and photos fast and easily

Lab analysis

  • Automatic import of lab analysis (water, substrate)
  • Crop-specific benchmarks included per substrate analysis