Grow better with data

Log & Solve: Increase the efficiency of your cultivation process

We provide a platform to collect and evaluate relevant cultivation data to gain better insights into crops. These data support your day-to-day decisions and individual solutions.

The advantages of Log & Solve for your nursery:

Keep track of things

  • All locations at a glance
  • Different types of data in one dashboard
  • Data collection by authorised employees

Simple data acquisition

  • User-friendly, mobile application
  • Use of simple form to enter notes and photos in combination with QR codes to improve data collection speed

Current and previous crop and trial reports

  • Share knowledge and events directly with your team
  • View the current situation of your crops and what happened in the crop batch before
  • Access your measurements, pictures and notes everywhere and anytime

Create customised reference data

  • Analyse cultivation batches in the comparison tool to gain data-based conclusions
  • Gather company and cultivation specific sensor data and target values
  • Access to current and previous analysis data

Save your knowledge

  • Simplify the induction of new employees
  • Enable your successor to take over easily
  • Reduce your dependence on one or two people in the company


Are you interested to learn more about the use of Log & Solve? Your Klasmann-Deilmann sales representative can tell you more about the benefits for your nursery.

You may also contact us directly:

Cedric Saborowski
Phone: +49 171 5563 240


Co-Anne van Waaij
Phone: +31 6135 35054