Log & Solve is a digital tool, developed and operated in cooperation with Klasmann-Deilmann’s Innovation Incubator. Meet our team or contact us directly:

T: +31 (6) 53 74 26 87




Co-Anne Kranenburg – van Waaij

Business Developer

Co-Anne is one of the enthusiastic and innovative talents at Klasmann-Deilmann. She joined the company in 2018 and is actively involved as contact person for Log & Solve for the growers national and international. Co-Anne works together with growers to find the best fit of Log & Solve for daily use in their cultivations. ‘I like to work with growers to match their practical needs with Log & Solve, so it will provide added value for their cultivation strategy. In the development process, we really worked together with growers rather than producing something and tossing it on the market. I believe in this way of working, called co-creation.’

You can contact me at my email address or by phone:
+31 (6) 13 53 50 54


Gerard Flinterman

International Accountmanager

Gerard has been working for the Log & Solve team since 2022, he will mainly serve and develop the international market. In addition, he will help develop Log & Solve. Gerard is no stranger to collecting cultivation data. He was responsible for creating a registration tool together with Global G.A.P. for an FSI2025 / Royal Flora Holland environmental certificate. With a degree in public administration at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and a lot of practical experience in greenhouse horticulture as a location manager of leading pot plant companies, Gerard is driven to get the best out of challenges. He enjoys producing different solutions with data in sustainability and improvement issues.

You can contact me at my email address or by phone:
+31 (6) 51 20 23 99


Tess Vollebregt

Office Manager & Marketing Support

Tess is Klasmann-Deilmann’s latest addition to the Log and Solve team. She started as office manager in May 2022 and will offer her support within sales and marketing. She will certainly use her experience gained with the study media management at the graphic lyceum in Rotterdam. Tess grew up in a breeding family and has therefore gained experience by working a lot next to her studies.
Within Log & Solve she will mainly focus on increasing brand awareness and supporting the user to get the most out of this system. She likes to learn new things and with the innovation team of Log & Solve this will certainly work.

You can contact me at my email address or by phone:
+31 (6) 82 36 84 09


Rick van Marrewijk

Sales Account manager Log & Solve

Rick is spontaneous and driven within the Log & Solve team. From an early age Rick grew up in a horticultural family and joined Klasmann-Deilmann after successfully completing his graduation in 2022. As Sales Account Manager, he will actively promote Log & Solve both nationally and internationally. With great enthusiasm, he is happy to explain the dashboard and the possible benefits for your company. Rick believes that recording and using the huge amount of (cultivation) data offers opportunities for growers and can be used strategically.

You can contact me at my email address or by phone:
+31 (6) 57 62 70 79


Gerard Wapenaar

Technical Advisor

Gerard has worked for many years in the substrate and horticulture industry. In the role of product manager at Klasmann-Deilmann, Gerard sees Log & Solve as a powerful tool for growers to take daily crop management to a higher level. ‘Acting in time – based on stored data, e.g. of previous years or under similar conditions – could possibly improve cultivation performance. I provide assessments of substrate, nutrient solution and water analysis that are processed through Log & Solve and can be a sparring partner for fertigation’.

You can contact me at my email address or by phone:
+31 (6) 11 56 10 20